FASM Hospital Mural is installed

 Since this time last year, I have been working on a collaborative project to create a mural for the new Milton District hospital.  FASM members have donated 1200 volunteer hours to create  “Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul”, a 33’ x 8 ‘ work of art incorporating cardboard bas relief and painting.  Tina Newlove created the design, FASM’s President Ursula McDermid was the project manager working with the Hospital and community and my role was to figure out how to create it, purchase the materials, incorporate the cardboard art and coordinate the volunteers and installation.

We were sponsored by local businesses and a Community Fund Grant.  Our most generous benefactor was Milton Mall management who gave us space to work and enthusiastic support.

My own work suffered but this was the most rewarding adventure in my art career. There is nothing like sharing a creative vision …when it works…and this was fabulous!

The mural was installed in June and the new wing was then closed to everyone but hospital personnel. Next week we will finally gather to see the mural in situ and attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Sometimes the most rewarding act an artist can experience is working with a few to give meaning for many.