Five Months to Installtion

Five months from today our Exhibition Offence/Defence officially opens in the Holcim Gallery at Milton Centre for the Arts. I will not know if my 3 ½ years of creating really works until the installation is in place. Although I can see it in my mind’s eye, have to scale drawings, a mock-up and 4 of the 5 life-size figures finished; it will be the reaction of the viewer that will tell me whether all this effort has any significance.

 One may wonder why any sane person would invest so much of their time, talent and financial resources in something that the only return will be that it made people pause and reflect? I believe that In order to be valuable members of a civilised society, we need to gain perspective on all sides of an issue and understand the impact of our actions before we act. As an artist, I believe my work can be a catalyst to encourage personal contemplation and, even better, social interaction.   2013-02-16 16.23.21

Rather lofty goals for such an intangible outcome, you say?  Well, for me, that’s what art is all about.

Stay tuned!