Works on Women

If we look at the world from a woman’s perspective, we see the rhythms and cycles of life.

We see the external inequities of physical dominance but we also see the quiet internal strength and determination that women possess.

What a different world we would have if it were managed by women.

Addressing Societal Issues

Born on the leading edge of the boomer generation, I have a passion for demographics and their impact on society. As our numbers increase, our attitudes toward aging shift.

Society’s measures of success may influence our self-worth but it is the fear of violence that can terrorise an entire population.

Perspectives on Our Past

Cycles and rhythms. If we understand how our past affects our present we can, perhaps predict our future. I find great pleasure in trying to depict the motivations and emotions of the historical characters I create. Through my sculptures and public presentations I continue to celebrate the progress of Canadian women in the 20th and into the 21st century.


Depending on its physical location, a Sculpture can transport us to a new imaginary world, take us back to another era or quietly remind us of the presence of a loved one. I believe public art should be accessible art that encourages curiosity and enlightens the viewer.

My experience with private commissions has been very positive. My clients have understood the kind if work I do and trusted me to interpret their needs.

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