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Four months to installation!  As I work on my last figure …it’s huge, it’s heavy, it takes forever to build up…I’m more than ever convinced that SIZE DOES MATTER.

Working on the design for the installation from drawings to a scale model (life ÷ 4) to maquettes (life÷5), I discovered that a life-size (which depends on your size÷1) scale was necessary to get the personal gut reactions I hope to elicit.  Consequently, Fenced will be a 12’ x 12’ x 6’ installation.

To give my body a bit of a rest and to spend some R& R with special friends, I’m heading off to the fabulous Haliburton School for the Arts to do a course in Jewellery – Forming and Surface Decoration.  Talk about a switch from the ridiculous to the sublime … from (life ÷ 1) to (life ÷ 30).  Who knows what will evolve in these tiny copper sculptures?!

From (life ÷ 5) to (life ÷1)

From (life ÷ 5) to (life ÷1)

Five Months to Installtion

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Five months from today our Exhibition Offence/Defence officially opens in the Holcim Gallery at Milton Centre for the Arts. I will not know if my 3 ½ years of creating really works until the installation is in place. Although I can see it in my mind’s eye, have to scale drawings, a mock-up and 4 of the 5 life-size figures finished; it will be the reaction of the viewer that will tell me whether all this effort has any significance.

 One may wonder why any sane person would invest so much of their time, talent and financial resources in something that the only return will be that it made people pause and reflect? I believe that In order to be valuable members of a civilised society, we need to gain perspective on all sides of an issue and understand the impact of our actions before we act. As an artist, I believe my work can be a catalyst to encourage personal contemplation and, even better, social interaction.   2013-02-16 16.23.21

Rather lofty goals for such an intangible outcome, you say?  Well, for me, that’s what art is all about.

Stay tuned!


Introducing my latest project

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For the past 3 years I have been working on a major sculpture installation about the emotional, sociological and physical impact of barriers on the individual.  I was fortunate to have Kelly McIntyre interview me last summer for a Cogeco TV community program.

Kelly returned this week to capture my progress .  The new clip will air in the next few months but  this clip says everything!

Studio Tour 2012

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The Milton Area Studio Tour takes place on Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th   from 10 -5.

My studio is # 3 on the tour   Milton Studio Tour Brochure 2012   Every location will have the printed brochures so just make your way to the most convenient location.

For the past 2 years, I have been working on a massive sculpture installation. If you want insight into what an artist goes through to create a major work of art, this is the place to visit. I have 2 life-sized figures complete and one in progress…that’s my half way mark.  Like most of my work, it’s about the psychological impact of society’s actions  on the individual. It gets people talking!

Hope to see you on the tour!

Welcome to my new site

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After a year of design, thanks to my daughter, I’m pleased to present my new website. In looking at my body of work, I have realised that although my materials change, I’m drawn to certain themes.  I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the new format and, of course, my work.

Communicating through my art

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Home Economics Installation

It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago I began my sculpture installation HomeEconomics a Celebration of Canadian Women in the 20thCentury. What began as a personal challenge grew into a 27 foot installation exhibited in various public venues including the Hall of Honour on Parliament Hill. Though this journey I have experiencedwondrous opportunities and a crashing disaster with the result that the series has developed a story of its own

My ladies have found new homes but their stories are carrying on. I have been invited to speak to various women’s groups about the history of Canadian women using my sculptures as visual tools.

With each presentation, I have researched the changes women experienced relevant to the group I’m addressing so my knowledge and perspective continues to evolve. This year alone I have given presentations to the Georgetown Canadian Federation of University Women, Halton Region Museum’s Celebrations of International Women’s Day, the Ontario Home Economics Association Annual Conference and I’m looking forward to meeting the ladies of Norval United Church Women’s Auxiliary in June.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and creativity and best of all, I continue to learn more about our Canadian history.